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PLS are experts in pallet products. We give competitive pricing and excellent value as your pallet provider.


Recycled/Remanufactured Pallets
Recycled/Remanufactured pallets are a cost alternative to a new pallet, recycled being significantly lower in cost. A combination of used components of recycled pallets are used to create a strong durable pallet in various grades and sizes. All recycled material or a combination of new lumber and recycled material are used to create various pallet products. All pallets are built to the highest level of quality.
New Pallets
Pallets are constructed with new wood specified by our customer to meet their pallet needs. All new pallets are built to a quality standard to assure your new pallets have the strength and longevity you desire.
Custom Pallets
PLS has the capability of building many pallet designs. Custom pallets are specifically designed pallets for a customer's needs. We provide effective evaluation and consulting to assure you receive the quality you deserve.
Heat-Treated Pallets
We provide heat-treated pallets to meet your export pallets needs. Pallets must be ISPM 15 Certified to be exported. PLS heat-treated pallets meet all safety and heat-treating requirements.